Your Brilliant Self

Ignite your ultimate personal performance with this richest form of one-to-one coaching.  A hand-picked team of executive and specialist coaches will be selected for your bespoke programme and will bring their understanding of high performance, high stakes and of leading in an environment of perpetual change and critical timelines. This is a high support, high challenge programme that will inspire you through discussion, direct feedback, practical exercises and physical work.  Welcome to your brilliant self.

Your programme outline

Designed to expand your range and challenge you to maximise your potential, this work reveals the best version of yourself so that you make sure that your brilliant self shows up, on every stage.  Offering unprecedented access to our executive and specialist coaches, the full range of professional training from Guildhall Ignite is available to you. We believe this to be the most rigorous and courageous individual training programme currently available to leaders.

Each programme is tailored towards the individual, meaning the programme elements are many and varied.

In programme:

  • 360 assessment and feedback
  • Personal identity and purpose
  • Performance confidence
  • Finding your personal style
  • Developing personal narrative
  • Discovering your speech system
  • The role of creativity in personal resilience
  • Executive and strategic development and thinking
  • Career planning and development
  • Transition and progression coaching
  • Leadership coaching
  • Psychometric and team assessment programmes
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The outcomes you can expect:

  • Heightened awareness, understanding and appreciation of your unique self
  • Confidence and comfort in your personal identity
  • A developed sense of leadership and purpose
  • Connection to the full, creative expression of your personal style
  • A personal narrative that is truly authentic and is practised across audiences and stages
  • The discovery of your personal speech system and your physicality of breath
  • The ability to hold greater responsibility with lightness
  • Comfort and confidence in the presenting your most authentic and deepest sense of self
  • The freedom and ability to experience meeting others unguarded while remaining at ease
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Who should attend?

Professionals who wish to be challenged, stretched and deeply supported in developing all aspects of their personal presence and performance. Whether you are working at C-suite level or entering the workplace for the first time, you can expect to magnify your growth and learning.



Your Brilliant Self is offered through one-to-one coaching sessions.


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