Tuning Up and Tuning In

Master your unique speech system to bring greater flexibility and clarity to your interactions and relationships.  By working one-to-one with our specialist coach practitioner you will gain confidence in your own sound.

Through tailored exercises, you will tune up and tune in to develop your pitch, tone and inflections, so that your vocal presence supports you in every professional and social interaction.

Find confidence in addressing an international audience, delivering a key presentation or simply in having  the impact you intend through a personal interaction.


Your programme outline

In Tuning Up and Tuning In, you will begin to understand your unique vocal apparatus, from the physical muscles that produce your sound to the speech system available to you.  Become clear in your sound and throw off your shackles to set your voice free. This is a practical programme based on ownership and understanding and one that is designed to enhance your knowledge so that you can be understood by the widest audience.

A Vocal Diagnostic

Working one-to-one with your coach, an initial diagnostic session will build a picture of your individual speech system and provide you with a deeper understanding of it.

A Tailormade Programme

From the diagnostic session, your coach will develop a bespoke programme of exercises to suit your aims and objectives.

In programme:

  • Understanding how you create your sound
  • Connecting with the physicality of your individual sound system
  • Building muscular and flexibility in your speech system
  • Exploring and modifying your speech patterns
  • Developing authenticity and range in your sound
  • Working with accents
  • Expanding the register of tones available to you
  • Accessing your full range of pitch
  • Applying effective and intentional use of personal inflections
  • Removing barriers to expressing yourself freely
  • Strengthening and deepening reliability to communicate and deliver a message
  • Maximising your sound range
  • Modifying and flexing delivery for a range of situations and outcomes
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The outcomes you can expect:

  • Gain an embodied understanding of your own sound
  • Access a greater range of techniques for modifying or flexing their delivery to suit your audience or situation
  • Be able to adapt your sound, pitch and tone to the full range of professional and social situations
  • Enhance the clarity and strength of connection in your interactions
  • Be confident that your voice will be heard
  • Gain fluency in expressing your thoughts and emotions freely
  • Be heard and understood by an international audience
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Who should attend?

Individuals who wish to achieve greater clarity and confidence in their communication.  Those seeking to find authenticity in a second language or who wish to express themselves freely and reach beyond rules around pronunciation or sentence structure.  This is a programme for anyone wishing to gain the confidence to get their voice heard, deepen the authenticity of their sound and feel free to express their full range of emotions in their thoughts and feelings.

Tuning Up and Tuning In supports inclusive working environments.



Tuning Up and Tuning In is offered in the following formats

  • One-to-one, face to face, coaching
  • Online, one-to-one, coaching.


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