Taking Centre Stage

Become a compelling leader as you move towards ‘taking centre stage’. This is a programme tailored to C-Suite individuals, those taking up board-level positions, rising stars or executives on a course of accelerated development. We work with those whose role demands them to be heard, seen and understood with deep authenticity in their position as an ambassador for their country, industry, organisation or purpose.

Your Programme outline

We focus on your performance, your potential and your personal presence as you receive the ultimate preparation for your pending role. You will work across our executive and specialist coaches here at Guildhall Ignite, as they design a bespoke leadership toolkit with you to ensure that you have all you need to be a compelling leader across all your stages.


Your lead coach hosts a discussion to establish the context for your speaking opportunity.

Work with your coach to determine your intention for your audience, the feel and tone you wish to deliver.

Personal Leadership Diagnostic

You will set your aspirations with your executive coach, they will remain as your principal coach throughout your programme. This personal diagnostic session takes a holistic view of your role as a leader, your place in your organisation, your potential and all the aspects of your personal presentation.  Your objectives and aims will be agreed from the outset, along with identifying the new skills and behaviour sets required.

Building Your Bespoke Team

Based on your diagnostic session, we bring together a team of executive and performance arts coaches from across Guildhall Ignite and we match their expertise to the development needs identified.

Designing Your Programme

No two ‘Taking Centre Stage’ programmes are the same because no two leaders are the same.  Your programme is crafted and authored to your unique situation and needs.

A timetable of one-to-one coaching sessions with your coaching team will move you incrementally towards the goals identified. Expect to receive honest personal feedback, direction and coaching that will support you as you expand and explore every element of your leadership.  Experience what it takes to hold deep authenticity and resilience on every stage of your leadership and among all your audiences

In programme:

  • Articulate your leadership purpose
  • Author your leadership narrative
  • Edit your narrative to meet your audience and intention
  • Expand your physical leadership presence
  • Connect with unique personal speech system to find authenticity in voice
  • Connect and relate to the audience in front of you
  • Be authentic in your personal communication style
  • Develop your leadership style and impact
  • Enhance your leadership presence and influence
  • Exercise effective decision making
  • Find your personal style, wardrobe and image
  • Employ improvisation skills in managing uncertainty and volatility.
  • Present with impact, every time.
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The outcomes you can expect:

  • Comfort and confidence in your developed sense of leadership and purpose
  • Ease in expression of self and personal identity
  • Courage to place your lens on your audience in order to land your leadership message
  • Proficiency in authentic connection across all sizes of group, from one-to-one to addressing the media or the mass public
  • The ability to be inclusive in your leadership
  • Hold exceptional personal presence and impact
  • Adapt your leadership toolkit to match your intention
  • Capture and hold the attention of your audience through powerful storytelling
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Who should attend?

C-Suite individuals, those taking up board-level roles, rising stars or executives on a course of accelerated development. This is a programme for those whose role demands them to be heard, seen and understood with deep authenticity in their position as an ambassador for their country, industry, organisation or purpose.



Taking Centre Stage is offered across two timelines to match the pace of the development need.  Sessions are diarised between yourself and your coaches and can be held online, in person or as a combination of both.

  • 6 month programme
  • 3 month accelerated programme


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