Resilient Teams

How well does you team function when things are tough? The world of performing arts understands how to consistently deliver elite performance from daily practice. It knows how to create the environment in which an individual or team can thrive even when the odds are stacked against them.

A Resilient team is so much more than a group of resilient individuals. A resilient team works to deliver effectively, efficiently and at pace as a collective.  In our ever-changing world, this Resilient Teams Programme works to empower efficiency, maximise resources and support team members to work at their best so that they can perform exceptionally and at a level that they can sustain. How? Through their ability to be fully resourced, powerful in their response to challenge and reflective in their learning.

 Programme Outline

The programme begins by enabling individuals to explore, understand and resource their own resilience. Work then begins on strengthening connections within the team, generating a sense of belonging and collective. Grounded in the learning from the world of performing arts and guided by executive coaches, this Resilient Teams programme engenders the creation of highly supportive environments that enable teams to consistently reach high standards in high stake situations. It enables individuals to thrive, the team to be invested in a sense of vision and purpose and the organisation to maximise the potential of their greatest of resources.

In programme:

  • Team identity and awareness.
  • Identifying and committing to a shared vision
  • Recognition of individual and collective strength
  • Resourcing the team, empowering efficiency
  • Preparing the team: habits, structures and processes
  • Psychological safety
  • Speaking up and speaking out
  • Change and adversity strategies
  • Social identity
  • Rigorous practice
  • The role of reflection
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The outcomes you can expect:

  • Increased levels of individual resilience
  • Enhanced psychological safety
  • Heightened motivation towards productivity
  • Stronger sense of shared purpose
  • Greater levels of contribution
  • Awareness of individual and team assets and contributions
  • Clearer, positive and powerful communication practices
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Who should attend?

Any team where sustaining high performance, adapting quickly to change is business critical. All teams on which an organisation, function or service depends.



Resilient Teams is offered

  • In person
  • Online


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