Personality Profiling

Understanding your personality profile allows you to become aware of your preferences, know how to adapt them to increase connection with others and work from a place of your personal strengths. Our coaches are licensed Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Practitioners. They work with individuals, teams and groups to enhance their performance through developing a deeper understanding of each other’s perceptions and preferred way of seeing the world.


Your Profiling

Working with your coach, you will take a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and begin a discussion to discover your distinctive personality type.  You will explore your own inner and outer world, your preferences for thinking of feeling, for judging and perceiving and how you work with information through sensing or using intuition. Through conversation and curiosity, you will learn how your preferences come to life in your working world, gain new awareness of their impact and discover new ways of working with them.


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The outcomes you can expect:

  • A deeper understanding of your distinctive personality type
  • Confidence in leading from a place of who you are, developing personal authenticity
  • Recognition of your preferences in working with others, with new information and with the world around you
  • Reflection around your natural leadership styles, your contributions in a team, communication preferences, and how you operate under stress
  • Appreciation of your strengths, the opportunities available to you, and your areas for development
  • Increased awareness of others’ personalities and preferences and an understanding of how to work positively with them
  • The ability to take a team view on personality preferences, ensuring that a team can perform brilliantly by using their collective and differing strengths
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Personality profiling can be undertaken for individuals, teams and groups, online or in person.


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