Executive Coaching – Advanced Level Training

Transform your current coaching practice, develop your personal presence and reach your potential as an executive coach. With our advanced level training, you will learn to own your coaching stage with executives at all levels, refine your skills to create exceptional results in others and become capable of igniting outstanding performance in all those you coach.

Work with our senior coaching executives, who are already working as executives coaches across the UK and internationally.  They bring their blend of experience in coaching and their practical knowledge of the performing arts to support your development.

Core skills are taught in small group settings to allow maximum opportunity for in-depth practice, discussion, reflection and refinement of your coaching skills. You will be closely supported by two of our senior team while your small peer group fosters professional networking and connection.

In programme:

  • Review of practice
  • Social identity in coaching
  • Accountability and challenge in coaching
  • Boundaries and ethics
  • Peak moments
  • More about change
  • Meta mirror
  • Perspectives wheel
  • Preparing to practice as a coach

What our clients say

I’ve been a leader coaching my staff for many years but my training with Guildhall Ignite has moved my coaching to a new level. The course is practical and hands on, allowing me opportunity to practise the skills in a supportive environment. The tutors are wise, experienced coaches who inspire and equip you with new strategies and practical ideas and helped me develop through perceptive, constructive feedback. And, to top it all, I get a professional qualification from it too. I highly recommend coaching training with Guildhall.

The leadership is inspiring and the course provides a great balance between theory and practise. I have learned so much about myself and about how I interact with the world. I am delighted to have learned so many new skills, not just as a coach but as a human being.

Course delivery

2 x half-days revisiting core skills

2 x half-days introducing advanced concepts and approaches.

1 x full day, advanced techniques in practice.

Preparation for supported self study and practice over the year (12 month course)

Upcoming course dates

Session 1: Tuesday 8th October 2024, 13.45-17.30 Zoom  

Session 2: Wednesday 9th October 2024, 14.00-17.30 Zoom  

Session 3: Thursday 10th October 2024, 14.00-17.30 Zoom  

Session 4: Tuesday 15th October 2024, 14.00-17.30 Zoom  

Session 5&6: Thursday 17th October 2024, 9.30-17.30 In Person 

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