Continuing Professional Development

Ensure that you uphold excellence in your coaching performance with our continuing professional development, included in our Advanced training and also bookable for others with our Eventbrite links below.

This series is a great way for any existing coach or those training to adopt a coaching approach in their work, to keep updated with the latest practice, thinking and theory.

In a powerful combination of individual, group work and practice, your personal development is tailored for the most effective learning.

Upcoming Masterclasses & Skills Sessions

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Skills Session: Starting a Session including rapport and goal setting 26 March, 2-5pm (On Zoom) 

Associate Carlos Lopez-Real will focus on the first part of a coaching session, including considerations for preparation and explore ways of using those precious first minutes of a session to set you and your client up for working effectively together. 

Skills Session: Deep listening in coaching: Exploring Mindfulness and Clean Language 1 May, 10am-1pm (On Zoom) 

This session is co-led by Associates Natasha Zielazinski and Rabiya McKeverne, as they explore models for deep listening and attention within your coaching practice.  

Masterclass: Working on the Edge: Trauma Aware Coaching 28 May, 2-5pm (On Zoom) 

This masterclass led by expert coach and Associate Jenny Rogers, explores the shadowy territory where coaching and therapy cross over.

Skills Session: Unconditional Positive Regard: Beyond the Silence 10 June, 2-5pm (On Zoom) 

This skills session is co-led by Associates Jo Hensel and Pat Joseph, focusing on developing an anti-racist coaching practice. 

Masterclass: Supporting Neurodiverse individuals through coaching on 26 June, 3-6pm (On Zoom)

Join our masterclass tailored for coaches seeking to enhance their ability to support neurodiverse clients.


What participants say.

My coaching has been transformative, personally and professionally. The support, regard and challenge I have received has encouraged me, pushed me and inspired me.

It has been a privilege to work with and learn from the wonderful team at Guildhall. This rich experience has helped me develop and embed my own personal style within the robust EMCC coaching competencies.

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  • Core Skills in Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders and Managers

    Be empowered to ask powerful questions, create new thinking and give feedback that is heard and acted upon.
    Core Skills in Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders and Managers. Woman teaches two others, writing on a paper whiteboard.
  • Core Skills in Coaching & Mentoring for Advisors, Mentors and Teachers

    Embed core coaching skills into your professional toolkit to accelerate and heighten your ability to connect.
  • Executive Coaching – Advanced Level Training

    Transform your current coaching practice, develop your personal presence and reach your potential as an executive coach.
    A man in blue glasses and a navy suit looks towards the camera. He's in discussion with a woman in a red dress.
  • Executive Coaching – Foundation Level Training

    Develop your career with our executive coach training and learn what it takes to bring out exceptional performance in senior leaders and executives.
  • Group Coaching 

    Leverage the experience held across the single group and among the collective individuals with our group coaching.
  • Coaching Supervision

    Essential for all practising coaches, this work assists your wellbeing as a coach, maintains your standards of ethical practices and upholds the positive reputation of the coaching profession.