Conducting Courageous Conversations

Experience how to host and manage open, honest and action-focused conversations that bring about the change that you want and need to see. Our conducting courageous conversation programme allows you to become confident and able to lean into the conversations that need to happen in order to deliver results. All while holding and maintaining a positive and healthy environment and upholding the integrity of the relationship.


Programme Outline

There is an art and science to holding a courageous conversation, in this programme you will learn both. You will be working with our executive coaches coaches to develop your skills and learn to prepare for and engage constructively with others. You will see how to raise the awareness of issues and work towards a set of agreed actions that allow positive change to take place.

This is modelling brave leadership, the ability to manage yourself and others through conflict, tension or high-stake situations so that you bring the needs of the organisation into focus and transform the conversation into opportunities for learning and growth.

Each programme is tailored towards the individual, meaning the programme elements are many and varied.


In programme:

  • Allowing space for venting
  • The role of acknowledgement and acceptance
  • Powerful listening
  • Forwarding the agenda
  • Working with the emotional intelligence
  • Context, observation and noticing
  • Positive communication strategies
  • Self-management
  • Relationship intelligence
  • Embodied understanding
  • Practising curiosity
  • Constructive use of body and breath
  • Holding intention
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The outcomes you can expect:

  • Hold and embodied understanding of the emotional mechanics that drive our most challenging exchanges
  • Know how to prepare and practice in hosting a courageous conversation
  • Develop the key skills and techniques needed in managing the emotions of self and others while forwarding the agenda
  • Awareness and understanding of self-management in high stake situations
  • Commitment to forwarding the learning and moving into action
  • How to maintain positivity and relationship integrity
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What do our clients say?

A wonderful way of building a much better way forward of addressing the thorny issues around having a difficult conversation.  Raises awareness, understanding and ability.

Jane and Trudy created a safe environment in which I felt confident to share and work along colleagues I don't even necessarily know that well. They are truly professional, their humour and honesty made the whole experience very positive and I feel I have learnt a lot. Thank you!

It gives tried and tested tools to approach difficult conversations, it raises awareness, understanding and ability, and enhances group-dynamics no end.


Who should attend?

Conducting Courageous Conversations is offered to individuals, boards and senior teams who hold responsibility for delivering results, supporting staff and creating positive and healthy workplaces and environments.


Course delivery

1 x  day in person

2 x half-days online


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