Bespoke Programmes

Let us bring all our experience to support you in delivering exceptional performance.

Draw from all aspects of our creative craft, our leadership expertise and our understanding of World-class performance. In your bespoke programme, you will receive unreserved access to all of our artistic and embodied knowledge.  Step in to our Guildhall Ignite community as we support you in delivering excellence and responding to the immediate challenges of your team or organisation.

Delivering Bespoke Programmes

Every programme is uniquely crafted to the needs of our clients, so there is no ‘typical’ process. However, our approach is consistent, we find it ensures that those who partner with us benefit from the very best of our work.

Understanding and Perspective

We begin by listening. Listening to your objectives, listening to the situation you face and to the context around it. In a conversation with one of our senior executive coaches, we will get curious about your needs, we will ask probing questions and reflect back to you what we hear you say to ensure that we hold a thorough understanding of what it really is that you wish to achieve. And why.

Establishing The Outcomes

Our standard is exceptional performance. So we work with you, from the outset, to establish the outcomes you seek and design a programme to meet them.

Partnering in Design

In response to what we hear you say and the outcomes we establish, we carefully select from the full range of expertise and knowledge at Guildhall Ignite to tailor-make an exclusive programme that is matched entirely to your needs.

A Hand-Picked Team

We hand-pick your team from our team of executive and specialist coaches.  We may select from a leader in voice or improvisation, an executive coach specialising in positive psychology or those working at the most senior level as a one-to-one coach.  Our team will be selected to complement your needs and your team.

Creativity in Delivery

Grounded in the world music and performance arts, creativity will be at the heart of your programme design. We pay attention to energy, creativity and interaction. You can be assured of a highly interactive and experiential learning that develops performance,


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