Coaching in and through the Performing Arts

What can the world of professional business learn from the world of performing arts?

No matter which performer and which art form, those in and around performing arts understand the commitment it takes to hone their craft, they hold a deep appreciation for what can be achieved by rigorous reflection and practice. They know how, each individual member of an orchestra contributes their own creativity to result in the finest of collective sounds.

This skill and dedication to coaching individual creativity is matched only by their ability to excel at human connection.

All artists, actors and musicians are masters of building incremental skill through continued practice, they have a familiarity with the depth that comes from embodied practice and a relentless hunger to receive feedback and enhance their performance again and again.

Why? In service of giving others the opportunity to experience, feel, see and sense outstanding performance. Every time.

Leaders and performers have so much in common

“Performers and leaders have so many things in common, they need to inspire, engage and get their ideas across. We understand what it takes to make the 78th performance of Beethoven’s 5th, sound as fresh as the first time we played it.” – Chris Brannick, Executive Coach

Bringing all our expertise from the theatres, orchestra, jazz groups and ensembles to create, collaboratively

“We understand the collaborative process, knowing how to inhabit the same space, to share, to deliver as one. Through the rigour of practice we gain the flexibility to be able to meet others where they are.” – Jane Booth,  Head of Guildhall Ignite

It is the craft of listening and responding that transfers to the practice of coaching

“It is about the different layers and levels of listening and responding. In the creative process that we learn as we develop as an artist, we learn how to start with ideas, what materials to choose and the stages we need to go through to open things up.“ Helena Gaunt, Executive Coach

Who am I being, whilst I am doing?

‘We are human beings, not human doings. It is knowing the rich blend between who am I being while am I doing.” – Pat Joseph, Executive Coach

The idea of how to find a deeper connection to influence the world around you

“Taking a drama background into other realms and worlds allows others to find a deeper connection, to speak with passion and authenticity and clarity.” – Jamie Matthewman, Specialist Coach

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