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Welcome to Guildhall Ignite, Executive and Professional Performance.


The world is a stage.


So, for leaders, teams and global businesses, performance matters.

At Guildhall Ignite, we enable performance by coaching in and through the performing arts. This is where accredited business and executive coaching meets the leading standard in performance arts training.

We are the executive and professional training consultancy of Guildhall School of Music & Drama, a global leader in creative and professional performance located in the heart of the City of London.

We’ve trained successful performers including Daniel Craig, Jodie Whittaker, Paapa Essiedu, Lily James, Roderick Williams and Bryn Terfel to own their stage.

Now let’s train you to own yours.

Welcome to Guildhall Ignite.

What will you spark?

Combining performance arts training with executive coaching enables us to perform on all stages as our best self and to find a deeper, more profound way of relating

Jane Booth Head of Guildhall Ignite

Be your brilliant self, take centre stage, speak with authenticity. Our personal programmes focus on you. You as a compelling leader. Enhance your personal performance through one to one executive coaching, coaching training, personality profiling and a suite of performance programmes.

Discover your unique presence, your true potential, your ultimate performance. Own your stage.

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Explore the programmes

  • Executive Coaching

    Ignite your deepest potential and spark a level of relentless and outstanding performance both professionally and personally with your one-to-one executive coaching programme.
  • The Authentic Speaker

    Learn the tools that the world’s most successful people use to bring the best of themselves to the moments that matter most.
  • Tuning Up and Tuning In

    Master your unique speech system to bring greater flexibility and clarity to your interactions and relationships.
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  • Into The Spotlight For Women

    Support an inclusive environment and encourage all voices to be heard in this exclusive programme led by our female coaches and specialist coaches.
  • Personality Profiling

    Understand your personality profile to become aware of your preferences, know how to adapt them to increase connection with others and work from a place of your personal strengths.

Enable others to own their stage and to find their voice. Our suite of highly acclaimed, accredited coach training programmes help you integrate coaching and mentoring skills into your toolkit. Learn the coaching fundamentals and grow your skills to a professional level. Experience coaching in and through performing arts to deepen the power and impact of your coaching through expert supervision and professional development.

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Explore the programmes

  • Core Skills in Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders and Managers

    Be empowered to ask powerful questions, create new thinking and give feedback that is heard and acted upon.
    Core Skills in Coaching & Mentoring for Leaders and Managers. Woman teaches two others, writing on a paper whiteboard.
  • Core Skills in Coaching & Mentoring for Advisors, Mentors and Teachers

    Embed core coaching skills into your professional toolkit to accelerate and heighten your ability to connect.
  • Practitioner and Executive Coaching – Advanced Level

    Transform your current coaching practice, develop your personal presence and reach your potential as an executive coach.
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  • Executive Coaching – Foundation Level Training

    Develop your career with our executive coach training and learn what it takes to bring out exceptional performance in senior leaders and executives.
  • Continuing Professional Development

    Ensure that you uphold excellence in your coaching performance with our continuing professional development.
  • Coaching Supervision

    Essential for all practising coaches, this work assists your wellbeing as a coach, maintains your standards of ethical practices and upholds the positive reputation of the coaching profession.
Draw from our creative craft and our understanding of world-class performance to help your organisation thrive across all its stages. Learn how to create and sustain harmonious and exceptional performance. We bring all our artistic and embodied knowledge and skill to your setting, so that you can address the immediate challenge that your organisation faces
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Explore the programmes

  • Conducting Courageous Conversations

    Experience how to host and manage open, honest and action-focused conversations that bring about the change that you want and need to see.
  • Leaders On and Off The Stage

    This unique programme develops greater flexibility and creativity, giving confidence and awareness to all those that lead.
  • Resilient Teams

    Know how to create the environment in which an individual or team can thrive even when the odds are stacked against them.
  • Bespoke Programmes

    Let us bring all our experience to support you in delivering exceptional performance.

Our Services

We blend executive coaching with specialist performance coaching to ignite peak, professional performance in individuals, teams, leaders, managers, executives and across entire organisations.

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